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Got Time?

I came across this great post and just had to share…

Lamisha Serf-Walls

My, how quickly things change.  I went from being less than motivated to a fast and furious flurry of activity in a matter of 24 hours!  Not only was my inspiration sparked, but I was able to dig in and get busy on my list of things to be done and boy did it feel great…that is until time began to feel restrictive.Time

I know I am not alone in this.  It seems over the years we have spent more time adding things to our schedule because we just want to do it all right now!  I am very guilty of that being a “yes” person and all.  I find myself quickly saying yes to new projects, responsibilities, events etc., only to find I am a bit stressed at the thought of doing it all.  Especially if some of those things don’t necessarily line up with what I want for…

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New Site

Hello readers,

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We are what we eat…

I sat around the table today whilst having lunch with my crew and I got to thinking about my daily source of fuel. While having a chef onboard that cooks your lunch and dinner daily may sound like a luxury to most and it is if your not fazed by what you put into your body or have the freedom to request the food you prefer. But what if you can’t? what if you where faced with a “take it or leave it mentally“.

In the last 6 months after a trip to Australia and New Zealand I discovered my passion for health and nutrition when a friend of mine already in the health and fitness industry back in South Africa introduced me to Josh and Jeanne Rubin. They created The metabolic blueprint program based on 15 years of experience and success stories, their philosophy  bases nutrition on your metabolic needs at a cell level, so basically just like a car can only function properly off of certain types of gas such is true for our bodies, yet after listening to their podcasts and going through the program I became more and more aware of health issues I was experiencing, not to diagnose myself  but also what could possibly be the root cause of the problems. I needed to make a change and I knew it was going to take some digging deep and brutal honesty with myself to make the change. It also got me thinking about my family and their dietary habits and thats when I realized that we are exactly what we eat in every sense of the word. Thats when I knew I had found my calling.

Now eating my prepared and served meals became a daily investigation… whats in it? where did it come from? Is it ORGANIC!!! I became a chefs worst nightmare but more importantly I realised that out of convenience I had given power as to what I put in my body to someone other than myself. Today I have organic produce delivered to the marina every week, theres only a handful of places in the Puerto Vallarta area to buy organic so it’s not easy but it’s worth it!! Now i’m faced with what is starting to look like Martha Stewarts pantry in my little cabin. No jokes! 🙂 I’ve started to prepare some healthy meals in advance so that if need to I have back up or side dishes and I know whats in it! I’ve taken back my power and my freedom of choice and as a result i’ve noticed just how much I’ve missed preparing my own food i’ve also noticed a slight shift in the crews eating habits and even had a few of them ask me about my organic produce. Slowly but surely i’m gaining a following 😉

The lesson i’ve learned through this experience that can be applied to any area of your life is TO BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE!

Joining Empower Network is allowing me the freedom to TO BE THE CHANGE I WANT TO SEE!

If you have something your passionate about and want to make a difference in your life i’d love to hear it! 🙂  leave a comment

If you want the freedom, whatever freedom means to you? it may be time or more money to do the things your destined to do then jump aboard! 🙂


I’ve got the power…

Today I really thought about my vision, what I want for my life. I started brainstorming just like I used to in school where you start with a word in the middle and branch out from there, it wasn’t long before I was squashing words in every space possible. It really helped to cement my vision and the steps I needed to take to achieve it. I cannot remember the last time I did this but it was definitely long overdue.

Everyone has dreams and goals, yet often fails to achieve them. We get sidetracked with the daily grind making sure the bills are paid etc. Though i’m sure some of you out there can relate, when you sit and think of your  ideas and goals that you want for different areas of your life and in that moment you are so pumped just thinking of all possibilities that lie ahead only to return to your current reality far from where you want to be and your light slowly dimming.

This was me, I would have ideas and get so excited about them and have the belief in myself that I can do it, research my ideas till I was blue in the face yet over time it would fade or get morphed into another idea or whatever was going on around me became more pressing. I looked for encouragement from those around me yet noticed that the company I kept (not so easy when you work on a yacht) were more judgmental of my ideas and didn’t really want to hear about them for whatever reason, maybe it was they way I conveyed my ideas or maybe it was making them feel like they had lost direction of their own goals and ideas. So I stopped sharing them and noticed that I ended up focusing all of my energy on trying to prove myself  instead of focusing on achieving my goals and ideas. in order to move forward I realised I needed to get out of my own way, letting go of the thoughts and expectations of others and taking back the power I once gave away.

A few months ago I took one step toward one of my goals and something happened, I had opened myself up to start and I got welcomed into a community of likeminded individuals that give of themselves in such a way that it’s contagious and empowering. Through this simple step the way I view life is different, i’ve noticed areas inside myself that I need to work on and simply surrounding my self with those that have gone through or going through similar trials in life also on a path to greatness is food for the soul.

I am so excited for this next chapter. I have work to do and i’m not expecting it to be easy but I know it will be worth it. Anything is possible!

How does the company you keep affect you and your vision and what methods do you use to stay positive?

I’d love to hear your vision.

There’s no place like OM.

Today I woke up to the powerful sound of thunder followed by a ton of rain and high humidity, as I lay there contemplating whether to get up and face the elements for my 9am yoga class or stay in bed…decisions, decisions. My internal tug of war went a little something like this… it feels so good just lying in bed wrapped in my duvet listening to the rain vs just think how amazing you will feel after a good stretch…

Yoga won!

Anna Laurita Founder of Davannayoga was leading our  9am Vinyása flow class today and although i’ve only been attending classes here since April I can definitely see improvement in my practice thanks to all who teach at Davannayoga. Anna is a fantastic teacher, her guidance is gentle and encouraging, the yoga shala is well equipped and welcoming, Davannayoga also offers immersion programs and teacher training courses. Davannayoga is a must if your in Puerto Vallarta. I plan to attend  Anna’s 200 hour teacher training course in the new year.

I haven’t found a style of yoga i’m particularly drawn too at this stage in my practice for me variety is the spice of life, the more styles of yoga I am exposed to the more I want to learn.

What’s your preferred style of yoga? 🙂

There's NO place like...

“Smile and the world smiles with you”

Have you ever noticed that when you smile it becomes contagious? I purposely made a point of smiling at whoever I came in contact with today and I noticed that everyone I smiled at, smiled right back!

Spread a little happiness and SMILE!! 🙂



“Today, see if you can stretch your heart and expand your love so that it touches not only those to whom you can give it easily, but also to those who need it so much.”